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I love the new LM Garu. It’s my 2nd favorite site pet after the Painted Night Linorm.


Johnny… did you color the Garu? If yes, I see a pattern of me liking your designs. If not, kudos to whoever did it, even though it is a “simple” design, it’s beautiful and I love it.

Wasn’t me, sorry xD I wasn’t contacted to do any of the pets this year.

But I agree with you, this pet is BEAUTIFUL.

Just the dots under its eyes and the overall feel really reminded me of the Painted Night Linorm. I wish they would ask you for lots and lots and lots and lots of designs.

hahaha, yeah I’d like to do metal pets again for the site. xD Just don’t think that’s what they’re looking for, unfortunately.

edit: omg posted to the wrong blog

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